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Riverheads Gladiator Head Red Decal

Part Number:Z RHS-D5R
Riverheads Gladiator Head Red Decal
Riverheads Gladiator Head Red Decal
Your Price: $5.00
Processing time 3-5 business days
Riverheads Gladiator Decal
 Size: 6" x 6"

Apply this decal to your car or truck or anywhere you want.

Our Decals are made from high performance exterior grade vinyl. The decals have adhesive on the back side so it will stick to the outside of your surface.

  • TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS:  Air and surface temperatures must be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clean Surface - always apply graphic to a smooth, clean, dry surface
  • Remove Graphic - carefully remove graphic from paper liner.  Avoid adhesive to adhesive contact.  If this occurs, gently pull apart
  • Position - start with one end or corner of design and apply
  • Smooth - smooth design with a straight edge tool such as a squeegee or credit card
  • Remove - start at one corner of design; slowly remove the transfer tape carefully pulling at a 180* angle

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